Our Message

Team Hoyt Arizona wants to say...

Yes You Can!

You can do it. We want to see you cross the finish line. You’ve got what it takes!



Meet Your Goal

What is your goal?

  • To compete in an event despite any form of disability?
  • To help someone else experience the thrill of endurance sports?
  • To be part of a spark for an ‘inclusion explosion’ in Arizona?

Take the challenge now:


If you want to complete a race event with a team’s help (buddy running and/or wheelchair riding), let us help you do it.

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If you think you can help push our athletes and fundraise our team to victory, then we need your help!



If you value this kind of inclusion opportunity for Tucson and Arizona, then please take a moment to give o

r pledge to our nonprofit organization.



If you know a business that would like to take a meaningful role in Arizona’s race for inclusion, please tell them about our nonprofit organization.