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Tucson needs to include people with disabilities in activities and events.
We have high costs, but we’ve succeeded to launch our nonprofit thanks to the generosity of our community.
Your contribution makes a real difference.You can either make a monthly pledge, or a one-time donation.

Thank you!

Thanks to your donations we will be able to get…


A nonprofit racing team like ours requires multiple types of insurance. Our current insurance costs are about $108 per month.

Race entry fees

We pay for our assisted athletes’ race entry fees (unless they are donated by race organizers). We also pay for their immediate family members to race as assistant athletes. It is important for us to make the racing experience free for them. These costs are usually $300+ for each event.

 Racing chairs

We help our assisted athletes employ a fundraising campaign to save up for their own racing chair. Meanwhile, we maintain several racing chairs for those who have not yet gotten one. The cost for these chairs is $3,000 to $5,000 each. They also require costly regular maintenance for safety.

Website hosting & systems

Our hosting is currently being donated to us but soon we’ll require high quality website hosting for this site (about $300 per year). We also use a mailing list automation service to manage team emails (another $228 per year).

Next we’re fundraising for event registration software. These systems range in price and effectiveness ($49+ per month, or $1+ per event registrant).

Promotional materials

We need to spread the message of inclusion all around Arizona and beyond, and to do this we need to purchase promotional materials ($500+ per year). This includes signs, printed materials, vehicle wraps, custom wheelchair wheel covers, and other promotional items.

Team apparel

We will try to sell as much of our team apparel as possible at the team store, but we want to give away a lot of Team Hoyt Arizona t-shirts ($300+ per year).

Our Board of Directors work together to manage our scheduling, finances, and operations. They are all unpaid volunteers and they weigh organizational decisions carefully.