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Yes You Can make a difference! Become an assisted athlete, assistant athlete, donor, or volunteer.

What’s my first step?

The first thing to do is get signed up with us! Click the button to join the team.

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Team Positions

Assisted athletes

Our assisted athletes are the power of our team. These are people with special needs who push us to push them. This is anyone who wants to join a real race – in a racing wheelchair, or by walking/running with a buddy team, or both!

Assistant athletes

Our assistant athletes work in teams. Together they push the assisted athletes to the finish line. There are no physical requirements for this job, and our goal is to finish together. Assistant athletes have a required fundraising amount for each race, usually around $25.

Donors & sponsors

Donors support our organization. We’re a qualified public charity. Our supporters can make a one-time donation, or sign up for an automatic monthly pledge. We have advertising programs for business sponsors.


To make this racing experience happen, we need volunteers. It takes a lot of people contributing their time and skills to make our organization run. We need race day volunteers, non-race day volunteers, and long-term administrative volunteers.




What’s next?

Next you need to come to our events!

For each event, we email you our online race signup form. It has slots for you to register volunteers, assistant athletes, or assisted athletes. It only takes a moment to complete.

We will register with the race organizers for you. You don’t need to enter a separate application with the race organizers.

Our email contains race details for you like the meeting time and address. If you ever need support you can call the support numbers listed.


How do I find the team?

When you get to the event, look for our team camped around a trailer. We’ll have fresh Don Francisco’s coffee and a team t-shirt for you. We’ll help you get ready for your team position.



All Team Hoyt Arizona members are volunteers and fundraisers. Like a tribe, our organization will only stay in existence if everyone helps.

We will support you to run your own hi-tech fundraiser with zero knowledge needed! We’ll help you with every step along the way. Here’s an example of a fundraiser page.

Our message is very understandable. You’ll find that people all around you will want to help you raise money.

Together we can reach many people! We can change the community for Arizonans with special needs.